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Exercises To Prevent Back Problems

Exercise to prevent back problems You may not always feel like exercising, but a program of back exercises is the best form of prevention when it comes to avoiding back problems. 15 minutes back strengthening exercises Doing just 15 minutes of back exercises three times a week can strengthen all the...

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Prevent back pain from your laptop or tablet

Posted by Stephen Bateman | Posted in prevent back pain, Prevent Lower Back Pain, Prevent Upper Back Pain | Posted on 19-09-2013


Avoid back pain

Improve posture and prevent back pain when working on your laptop

The increasing use of laptops and tablets is putting strain on our backs and increasing the need for exercises to prevent back pain.


Symptoms from working on laptops and tablets include pain and stiffness around the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back, which can lead to longterm chronic back and spinal problems.

We can prevent these problems occurring by doing a few simple things to improve our posture whilst working on our laptops and or tablets:


Laptop users:

  1. Â Avoid poking your chin forwards
  2. Where possible, place the laptop on a desk, table or lap pad
  3. Avoid using the laptop your lap for long periods
  4. Use an wireless keyboard and mouse / track pad at your desk to ensure your neck and shoulders are in a good position
  5. Place your laptop on a mount or pile of books at eye level to improve your posture

iPad and tablet users:

  1. Avoid twisting your neck or upper body
  2. Rest your device on a cushion or lap tray to keep your head central and your neck and shoulders supple
  3. Place the device so that the screen is tilted towards you
  4. Avoid typing for long periods on the touch screen; consider a wireless keyboard (a mouse won’t work on a tablet)
  5. If using while in bed prop yourself upright with pillows
  6. Put a pillow under your knees

General advice to avoid back pain

  • Take regular breaks
  • When you feel yourself slouching or leaning forward, imagine there’s is a piece of string running up through the centre of your body to the ceiling; this will help you regain a better position
  • Do regular gentle stretches and suppleness exercises.

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