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The iGlimpse Mission expressed in words and pictures

iGlimpse from Simon Jollands on Vimeo.

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The Team

Who are we?

iGlimpse is a small and friendly team of app publishers with a passion for reliable information and exceptional user experience. The company is focused on the learning needs health and fitness enthusiasts who seek expert advice. The company was co-founded by Stephen Bateman, the former international publisher.

iGlimpse believes that app users want simplicity and that the best way to achieve ‘stickiness’ is to make navigating content simple and fast. That’s why the formatting and layout of iGlimpse apps is as clean and intuitive as possible.

iGlimpse believes mobile publishing offers more structure and “convenience” than the printed page, and so is dedicated to bringing out as much of that functionality as its possible to squeeze into a typical mobile download. iGlimpse apps are specially created to suit small touch screens; that means bold graphics, uncluttered design and a concise writing style.

Stephen Bateman – Founder & Managing Director of iGlimpse