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A Winter Fitness Program For Sailing Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing all require strength, balance and agility At iGlimpse we believe there is no substitute for sailing fitness, and that all sailors should maintain a high level of physical exercise year-round so they can enjoy the benefits of better health, performance and safety...

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iGlimpse creates apps that inspire, inform and instruct fitness and health enthusiasts everywhere.
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The company is headquartered in Exeter, Devon, but our understanding of international markets is central to our methodology, product development and global reach.

We focus on the learning needs of fitness and health enthusiasts who want expert advice and coaching on their mobile devices. We make interactive educational apps for use on smart phones (iOS. Android) and tablet devices (iPad, Android, Kindle Fire). That means bold graphics, simple navigation, uncluttered design and a concise writing style.We like to make navigating around our apps simple and direct. Users navigate directly from the home page via primary graphical icons linking user through to each of the core content areas. Within the content areas, “stack menus” provide an easy browsing experience and simple click-through to “meatier” content.

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