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Mobile applications and book publishing

Mobile applications and book publishing Photo Credit Ownipics (Flickr) Failure and success in the creative media  In a very short space of time mobile applications development has become fiercely competitive. The barriers to entry for app developers are very low and the stats prove it: for every...

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Welcome to iGlimpse…

Posted by Stephen Bateman | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-02-2011


We’re glad you found us!

iGlimpse focuses on the needs of outdoor enthusiasts to produce compelling mobile apps which are designed to make the enjoyment of hobbies and leisure pursuits even greater.

We offer app marketing expertise, design and delivery to help our business partners reach enthusiasts in the outdoor pursuits sector via mobile apps that engage users time and again.

We work with seasoned specialists, whose proven knowledge of Apple’s operating system ensures a consistently faultless and gratifying user experience.

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